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Bei Li Electric Motion Enterprise Co., Ltd. 貝力科技實業有限公司

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Today is 20,Nov,2018
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StartFromHere Pui company was established in the Republic of China on November 85, after 86 years in January to obtain a business registration.
Pui company started in motor vehicles and electric bicycle business service, replenishment of the Republic of China on August 86 re-established engineering departments engaged in the design and manufacture of electric vehicle charging stations and construction tenders, either charge or closed or open-powered charging station completed in all regions of the province's more than 350 rich build results, and then the Republic of China was established in October 1988 to design car assembly department, started assisting with the industry to the development of various types of motor vehicles, gasoline-electric hybrid power locomotive, electric bicycles, electric tricycles, electric vehicles.                                             ... [Details]
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