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DC-DC Converter BLDCDC
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Product: Hits: 737DC-DC Converter BLDCDC 
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Updated on 2017-11-22 16:47

Product Features:

1. waterproof and shockproof : Precision cast aluminum shell with silicone ring seal waterproof shockproof , adapt to the environment .

2. Built-in safety : Built with a waterproof insurance, external line is simple .

3. Electric lock control : built-in electronic switch can be controlled directly with the key switch , no external electrical joints , the circuit is simple , reliable , cost-saving solution .

4. overheat protection: automatic overheat detection output power, open not stop the output , and in order to ensure continuity of supply vehicle .

5. Short circuit protection: output short-circuit current-limit output , automatic voltage recovery after short circuit disappears , to ensure vehicle safety harness .

6. Low voltage protection: When the battery is too low geese and ducks , to stop the output , to avoid battery discharge .